No. 19-2 Jalan Wangsa Delima 13, Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Green Seek Nature Sdn. Bhd.


Green Seek Nature Sdn Bhd (1284635-K) is one of the upcoming diversified groups making inroads into the business of Import and Export for Vegetables, Chicken Fat, etc, Trader and Agricultural such as Fertilizer and Fish. We are here to make the world a smaller, better, and safer place to exchange agricultural products. Together with our partner, we deliver landmark projects that foster sustainable development, and the reliability of our performance, the enduring quality of our projects, the strength of our ethics, and the seriousness of our commitment to safety and sustainability are evident in everything we do.

Our Business Expertise.

Import and Export

When it comes to shipping agricultural products, we are the experts.


Food Trading

We also engage in the trading and distribution of food and fertilizers.


Food Processing

We processed food into consumers ready product.

Our 7 Core Values

Core Values

Our Vision, Mission & Values


To make Green Seek Nature Sdn Bhd the most leading dynamic company in agriculture industry by providing import and export of halal and high quality product throughout the world.


  • To provide our customers with excellent quality and value of the product.

  • Deliver services with high quality, fast and flexible to achieve 100% user satisfaction.

  • To be a company that able to supply Halal raw food throughout Malaysia and worldwide.

  • To expand more chains in agriculture based on import and export industry.


Our success starts with the integration of 7 Core Values. Together, they symbolize the principles that we aim to cultivate within our organization.